Taking Cuisine Adventures on the go!

Looking for a quick, easy-to-prepare packed lunch solution? When planning lunch on the go, most people think of traditional choices like a sandwich or salad. What you might not know is that you need only one simple thing to enjoy your favorite Cuisine Adventures snacks and soups wherever you are: a Thermos®.

Perfect (and hot) for any occasion

Thanks to your basic Thermos®, you can enjoy a hot, on-the-go meal you’ll find nourishing, filling and satisfying across a variety of occasions. A Thermos® makes your favourite Cuisine Adventures products the perfect, no-fuss choice for lunch at work or a school lunch for kids of all ages.

It’s also a quick, easy way to prepare a picnic with your family, festive snacks for an outdoor gathering with friends or a special hot treat at an outdoor sporting event. Of course, a Thermos® is also ideal for busy kids on the go, giving them a fast, tasty snack during afterschool sports and other activities.

And no matter where you go, you can round out your favourite Cuisine Adventures products with fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers and more to create a complete on-the-go meal.

Our Favourite Cuisine Adventures Products for an Insulated Container

Cuisine Adventures products are perfect for wherever you take your Thermos® because they’re so convenient and can be prepared quickly and easily in the middle of a hectic morning. Just store them in your freezer until you need them and then microwave them in minutes. Filling an insulated container with a hot, great-tasting lunch is faster than making a sandwich.

Our team tested a wide variety of Cuisine Adventures products and discovered their favourite soups and snacks to put in a Thermos®. Our creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup loaded with broccoli florets and rich cheddar cheese was chosen as a school/work lunch favorite. Our experts also loved our Loaded Potato Soup, voting the thick hearty combination of potatoes, cheddar cheese and bacon a clear Thermos® winner.

But insulated containers are great for more than just liquids. They do an excellent job of keeping bite-sized snacks hot for wherever and whenever you need them. Both our Mini Quiche Duo with a traditional pastry crust and two amazing flavours and our Mini Sausages in soft oven-baked bread get surprised smiles of delight when the Thermos® lid comes off. Our Roasted Red Pepper Egg & Cheese Bites are also just the right size to fill up a Thermos® and serve up a tasty snack wherever you are.

These are just a few of the Cuisine Adventures products ideally suited for a Thermos®. Visit our Where To Buy page to find these and other Cuisine Adventures products near you.

3 Easy Steps to Taking Cuisine Adventures On The Go

Taking the mouthwatering tastes of Cuisine Adventures with you has never been easier. Just read the instructions included with your Thermos® and then follow these quick, simple steps.

  1. Heat your favourite Cuisine Adventures product according to the microwave instructions on the packaging.
  2. Fill 3/4 of your Thermos® with hot water and let it stand for several minutes. Empty the hot water and dry your Thermos®.
  3. Fill your Thermos® with your heated Cuisine Adventures product, close it up and you’re ready to head out with an exquisite soup or great-tasting snack.

Our customers enjoy their favourite Cuisine Adventures selections for family meals, get-togethers with friends and casual between-meal snacks. Now, with a simple Thermos® that can keep your favourite products hot and delicious, you can take all the delectable flavours, distinctive aromas and comfort-food pleasures of Cuisine Adventures and enjoy them at school, work, picnics or wherever your day takes you.