5 Important Benefits of Today’s Frozen Food

(and why you’ll want to serve it to your family)

In years past, frozen food didn’t enjoy the best reputation with consumers. After all, the frozen meals offered a decade or more ago weren’t exactly the tastiest meal options.

But times have changed, and so have frozen food choices. Today, Cuisine Adventures offer a wide variety of appetizing frozen meals and snacks that are not only convenient and ready to serve in minutes but also created with great ingredients, rich flavors and taste inspirations from all corners of the globe.

Benefit #1: Frozen food leaves most preservatives at the door

People often confuse frozen food with processed food. Processed foods tend to be high in preservatives like salt, but frozen foods don’t rely on added preservatives because they’re frozen quickly. Freezing is a preservative technique itself, so all the goodness is locked in naturally.

The process of quickly freezing an item with cold, circulating air is a 100% natural way to preserve food. This method of freezing food at a considerably lower temperature than your own kitchen freezer locks in all the freshness that would’ve otherwise been lost.

Benefit #2: Frozen food is good for you

Fresh is best…unless frozen is available. Frozen is just as—and often, more—nutritious than fresh options. That’s because the fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store might not be as “fresh” as you think. Many supermarket vegetables have travelled great distances and are stored for weeks.

On the other hand, frozen vegetables get picked, sorted and frozen within hours, locking in all the freshness you expect from your produce section groceries. Our frozen meals and snacks are made using quality ingredients and then frozen quickly to seal in all the goodness until you’re ready to enjoy your meal.

Benefit #3: Frozen food means want not, waste not

Frozen food can help eliminate the common problem of wasting food. Our prepackaged format lets you cook only what you need and save the rest. Plus, by stocking a variety of Cuisine Adventures in the freezer, you avoid having to go shopping every time you need a quick meal or snack. A delicious option is always there waiting for when you need it.

Benefit #4: Frozen food seals in convenience and cost savings

Our frozen entrées add convenience to every meal. Most of us don’t have the time or ability to whip up fancy recipes every night, so Cuisine Adventures offer a fast no-fuss way to create delicious out-of-the-ordinary meals within minutes, no matter how hectic your schedule gets.

Cuisine Adventures can also help your budget. Save money by making delicious meals without having to spend a lot on out-of-season produce or overpriced restaurant dinners. Having a few frozen appetizers and snacks on hand for entertaining or a spontaneous treat can also be a cost-effective alternative to expensive takeout or delivery.

Benefit #5: Frozen food is safe food

If you’ve ever wanted to save that favorite lasagna or casserole, you’ll know freezing left-overs is the best way to go. Ironically, it’s the thawing process that can spoil food, but if you store your frozen food correctly and follow the thawing/cooking instructions, you’ll be fine. Defrost frozen food in your fridge instead of on your countertop. This way, you control the microbial and enzymatic activity within your food, maximizing its freshness and ensuring it’s safe to eat.

Freshness. Convenience. Great taste. Today there are many benefits to keeping your freezer stocked with frozen meals and snacks. Discover Cuisine Adventures and share a world of unexpected flavors and taste sensations with family and friends.