How the
journey began

Cuisine AdventuresTM was created to make culinary classics accessible to everyone. We began our gastronomic journey in France where we came across a savory French onion soup, our very first product. We quickly expanded our offering with favorites. Today, we’re still travelling the world in search of irresistible recipes to bring back home. All our meals, snacks, and dips are made with quality ingredients, making Cuisine AdventuresTM the most convenient way to taste authentic cuisine from the comfort of your own home.

The quest for authenticity

Respecting culinary traditions is important to us. From the very beginning, we’ve been inspired by homemade recipes of classics from around the world. From the way we source our ingredients to how they’re prepared and cooked, we’re always mindful of the original cooking techniques. In short, we’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen so you don’t have to.

The healthy path

Eating well is a big part of being your best. Our Balance selection combines nutritious ingredients with delicious flavors to ensure you can maintain your eating habits long-term. Quick and easy to prepare, the meals are a convenient addition to a balanced lifestyle.

Exploring your indulgent side

Game night or birthday party? Reach for the crowd-pleasing snacks and dishes from our Pleasure selection. Made to share, you can count on an evening of epic snacking with friends and loved ones. Simply serve and await praise.

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