A Great Soup Deserves the Right Bowl

How to choose the perfect bowl to achieve the best French Onion Soup experience

As every fan of Cuisine Adventures knows, not every soup is created equal. Inspired by traditional French kitchens, our French Onion Soup stands out by serving up homemade flavors and classic ingredients that have made this delicious recipe one of our most popular meals.

What everyone might not know is that all bowls aren’t created equal either. Most consumers don’t  have the proper bowl to enjoy our French Onion Soup. The bowl they choose is often too large which causes the cheese to become mixed within the broth. As a result, the size of your bowl actually prevents you from having the best French Onion Soup experience with a layer of cheese melted slowly on the surface of the soup.

Three Layers of French Onion Soup Perfection

A rich, full-bodied blend of slowly simmered fresh onions, real Swiss cheese, croutons and a seasoned broth, our extraordinary French Onion Soup allows you to indulge in an authentic, appetizing restaurant experience right in the comfort of your own home. The secret is in how we make it. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to form three distinctive layers within our soup when it’s frozen: the cheese on top, the croutons in the middle and the broth at the bottom.

When you cook the soup, the cheese is designed to slowly melt and blanket the surface of the broth and croutons with a layer of golden goodness. It’s the classic look and taste you’d expect to find in a traditional French bistro.

The Right Bowl for the Perfect French Onion Soup

To achieve this restaurant experience, you must choose the correct size of bowl, one that will allow the cheese to cover the top of the soup. We recommend using an oven-proof bowl with a 10 oz capacity and a diameter of 4 inches. These dimensions might be smaller than you’d expect, but they let the cheese melt gradually across the top of the bowl from edge to edge.

If you choose a bowl that is too large, the cheese won’t cover the soup and will even get lost in the broth. Having trouble finding the perfect bowl? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you find the right bowl for your French Onion Soup.

The Heating Method that’s Just Right

Just as important as the correct bowl is the correct cooking method. We recommend heating our French Onion Soup in a conventional oven which lets the soup to cook slowly and the cheese to melt gradually. The result: a great-tasting, great-looking restaurant experience. Keep in mind that if you do decide to cook your soup in a microwave oven, the cheese will become mixed in the soup.

Now that you’ve prepared your delicious French Onion Soup in the right bowl with the optimal heating method, all you need is a spoon, a napkin and some family and friends to enjoy your meal with. If you love our French Onion Soup as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know we have a wide variety of flavorful ways to serve French Onion Soup. We’ve developed innovative pairings, interesting topping suggestions and exciting ideas on how it can be used as an unexpected ingredient to create wonderful recipes. Bon appétit.